Bumble CBO Explains How to Make an Impact Through Branding

Bumble’s Chief Brand Officer has been talking to Fast Company about what it takes to create successful branding for a company.

The main piece of advice that Alex Williamson gave was to think of the brand as a character or person, and to let them have a strong voice and a strong opinion. She then expressed the importance of staying true to that mission.

Startup creators should make sure they learn from their mistakes, listen to user feedback and quickly pivot accordingly. However, they shouldn’t alter their mission depending on the latest trend as users won’t believe in what they’re doing.

Williamson told Fast Company: “You have to be willing to be scrappy, move fast and change your direction without ever compromising what you’re trying to accomplish.

“If you know what you are trying to put into the world don’t compromise that because some shiny opportunity comes along. You have to stay true to what you’re doing and that’s how you build a following.”

She explained that as one of the first apps to put women in charge, Bumble’s messaging always tried to reflect the thoughts of its female users.

To achieve this, the CBO set about creating a relatable and unified voice by pulling together numerous stories from her friends’ dating lives. The aim was to identify the dating issues that Bumble wanted to change.

Williamson was integral to the production of the ‘In Her Court’ commercial starring Serena Williams, which premiered during the Super Bowl in February.

Earlier this month, CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd appeared on the ‘Masters of Scale’ podcast to give advice to startups on how to turn an initial idea into a global company.

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