Bumble COO Hopes Facebook Will Lift Online Dating Stigma


Bumble’s COO, Sarah Jones Simmer, believes that Facebook Dating will have a positive impact on the industry.

Although the new platform will be a big competitor for the well-established brand, Jones Simmer hopes that Facebook will lift some of the negative connotations attached to online dating.

Speaking in an interview with Cheddar, she said: “I see it as a net positive for the industry. If there was any stigma attached to meeting people online and making very real connections online, Facebook just validated that this is a real path to making those meaningful connections.”

Nevertheless, she mentioned that companies need to be wary of the threat of Facebook, because of its dominant user base. However, she expressed a confidence that Bumble would be able to survive alongside its new rival, referencing their contrasting business plans.

Jones Simmer continued: “We [Bumble] feel like we are able to run alongside in our lane, which is very focused on the experience for women ー which is very focused on empowerment, equality, creating a kind, safe community.”

Bumble is striving to have an impact on female equality outside of the dating industry as well, which could be the key to its success next to Facebook. It has recently launched the Female Film Force for aspiring filmmakers, and the Bumble Fund to help female-led businesses get off the ground.

Mandy Ginsberg, Match Group’s CEO, and Joey Levin, IAC’s CEO, have also acknowledged that Facebook will be a competitor, but are confident that their portfolio of dating sites will continue to be market-leaders.

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