Bumble COO Sarah Jones Simmer on the Success of the Brand

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Bumble’s Chief Operating Officer, Sarah Jones Simmer, has been featured on the It’s Worth Doing Right podcast.

The podcast hosts a “collection of conversations that explore what happens when data is infused with the creative process and the potential outcomes when we ignore it.”

The episode begins by covering Bumble’s various products, and describing how its mission has evolved over the years.

Simmer says listening to the consumers’ needs is a major driver of their product development, but Wolfe Herd’s vision of a wider social network is also at the core.

Banning specific images, such as shirtless mirror selfies, and banning users for abusive messaging are both initiatives that came out of a desire to make the platform ‘safe’ and ‘empowering’ for women.

Brands that take a stand on such issues and have mission driven strategies are said to be more and more successful as consumers demand ethical practice.

On what makes Bumble competitive, Simmer says having a sharp focus on female-first dating has helped consumers identify it as a unique offering.

Bumble looks to serve women, but not at the expense of men. It’s important that the app can be a meeting place for everyone.

Other brands can take lessons from Bumble, the podcast says, especially regarding the ways females can do business differently.

Professional hierarchy, for example, may not be the best way to run every aspect of a firm – marketing is led by two individuals rather than one at Bumble, and they are able to complement one another effectively.

Building the company around motherhood and facilitating the development of female employees’ work and family lives is also said to be a successful strategy.

Looking to the future, Bumble is excited about the development of its new media platform.

Listen to the episode here.


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