Bumble Decreases Cost-Per-Install Following TikTok Campaign

Bumble has increased its number of installs and decreased the cost-per-registration following a promotional campaign on TikTok.

The female-first social app collaborated with popular creators, like David Dobrik and Brittany Broski, and experimented with marketing materials on the new platform. The personalities would create native videos that included direct response requests to download the app.

Between March and May Bumble’s installs grew by 400% while the cost-per-registration shrunk by 64%.

A case study from marketing experts Mobile Marketer suggests that these positive movements were a result of the TikTok campaign. 

However, the coronavirus outbreak and resulting lockdown measures have led to more people joining online dating services, so Bumble’s community would have been boosted by this trend.

Bumble has been working with a variety of brands over the past few months to help keep users connected during the extended periods of isolation. It partnered with Airbnb to offer free virtual first date experiences to new matches, while also helping small businesses maintain some form of income.

In the UK, Bumble users were given UberEats discount codes so they could share an evening meal while taking part in a video date.

A TikTok scam was uncovered last year that found criminals were setting up fake profiles and directing viewers to sign up for fraudulent dating platforms. 

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