Bumble Hosts Virtual Event Series For Indian Audience

Bumble has partnered with Wild City, one of India’s leading online music communities, to create a series of virtual events.

‘Reconnect’ is designed to be a “virtual┬áretreat” to help they audience engage in good mental health practices and nurture their minds and bodies.

As part of the event series, the two companies will be presenting an array of movement, creative and wellness activities, which users can sign up to attend from the comfort of their own homes.

The intimate sessions have so far taken place on every Saturday since the beginning of April, and have already hosted activities including mediation and ecstatic dance; Pilates; and dancehall music.

On 24th April, one of India’s most popular electronic music producers Lifafa will be hosting an intimate gig for viewers to reset their minds by dancing into the weekend.

This is followed on 29th April by a unique creative origami session, before the series concludes on 2nd May with a private stand-up set from Kenny Sebastian.

To participate in any of the sessions. Bumble users need to match with one of the in-app ‘Reconnect’ profiles and follow the relevant instructions.

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