Bumble India Releases Guide for LGBTQ+ Dating

LGBQT+ rights are slowly but surely advancing around the world. One place we can see that progress is in india. And this week, Bumble  in partnership with a number fo LGBTQ+ organizations has released a guide for queer dating on the app and for life in general. Bumble says that its app was founded with safety and respect for all in mind. It wants to be a safe place for LGBQT+ Indians to be able to find love, explore their sexuality and express themselves.

The guide has been made in collaboration with LGBQT+ groups in India such as Rangeen Khidki, Sappho for Equality and Official Humans of Queer. It also features testimony from a number of members of the LGBQ+ community to give advice. The guide takes people through all the possible stages of using bumble for dating in the space – and provides advice that goes beyond interaction on the apps.

It covers how to navigate the first date, setting up a second, being kind in conversations, dealing with rejection and navigating the scene when you are not openly out. Much of the advice is universal and applies across dating as a whole – but perhaps the most specific to the space is in the discussion on whether to let your matches know if you are publicly out or not. The guide advises people to only share this info if they feel comfortable doing so, but that it can be a very positive experience when people are up front about the status of their openness of their sexuality. 

It can let those you match with know what they are getting into, but more than that, it suggests you will often find someone who knows exactly what you’re going through and can be a key source of advice and support. Online dating through apps such as bumble, continues to be a haven for a lot of LGBQT+ to be able to express themselves and find whatever they’re looking for in the dating space.

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