Bumble Introduces Audio & Video Prompts

Online dating app Bumble now lets its users post 30-second audio prompts and videos to their profiles. Users will be able replace their main profile images with short videos, with the audio muted if they wish.

Bumble hopes these new features will let users communicate their personalities more effectively. People want “more dynamic ways to express themselves and get to know each other”, said Samarpita Samaddar, India Communications Director at Bumble.

With audio and video capabilities, users can “show how to properly pronounce our names, share a great story, highlight what we care about, or just get a laugh”, Samaddar continued. This in turn “will lead to more genuine matches and better dates”, he believes.

In 2021, dating app Hinge added audio prompt features to its own platform, with mixed reviews initially. 64% of Hinge users reported that hearing a potential match’s voice played an important role in determining if they liked them. 

However some members of the public told Metro that these audio features are ‘cringey’ and ‘performative’. Hinge users have already taken to TikTok to share their strange experiences with the audio feature, letting the public hear their potential match’s confessions and funny impressions.

Another consideration is that stopping and listening to audio notes may not be a popular swiping strategy. This is because “people swipe the apps so mindlessly, barely engaging with profiles very long” said psychotherapist Jack Worthy.

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