Bumble Launches Compliments Feature

Bumble is launching a ‘Compliments’ feature which allows users to send a short message to someone without needing to match. Singles will only be able to send one free Compliment per day.

The Compliments feature will appear underneath a user’s profile in a yellow icon with a heart inside a speech bubble. Sending this short message will count as a right swipe, so users should be sending them to individuals they want to match with.

When receiving a Compliment, the message will appear as users come across the sender’s profile in the match feed. If the receiver wants to match, they can swipe right as usual and be given 24 hours to respond.

Premium users can also view Compliments in the Beeline, the exclusive space which displays users that have swiped right on them. 

Bumble writes in the announcement: “Starting a connection with a Compliment is not only flattering, but it can also help make your conversations kinder and lead to more meaningful matches”.

It explains the appeal of sending compliments saying “sending a Compliment may help you stand out from the crowd and get a head start on a potential conversation by commenting directly on a part of someone’s profile. In fact, members who use Compliments have a statistically increased likelihood of matching and are more likely to have a good chat”. 

Photo courtesy of Bumble.