Bumble Launches ‘Essential’ Guide For Dating in 2021

Bumble has launched a ‘Dating 101’ guide for dating in 2021 to educate singles about dating in a post-COVID world. According to a survey from the female-first social app, 40% of singles are unsure about how to date in the modern landscape.

Jemma Ahmed, Head of Insights at Bumble, said in a press release: “Since the onset of COVID-19, our community has experienced an unprecedented disruption to every aspect of their social life, including dating.

“Our research shows daters find dating complicated and overwhelming, and the stakes are high for connecting in the age of COVID-19 when considering health and safety risks.”

‘Dating 101’ marries current trends with predictions and offers tips on how to navigate the ever-changing dating arena.

For one in four Bumble users, that arena is already new. They’re likely to be New Dawn Daters’, or people who are newly single after going through a pandemic breakup.

One in three participants said they’re placing a stronger emphasis on ‘Cuffing Season’ and looking to find a partner going into the holidays.

These findings aren’t unique to Bumble. Match and Hinge have both seen similar trends of more singles intentionally dating and wanting a longer-term partner. OkCupid noticed more people wanting to “slow date” as well.

More than half of daters feel disconnected from those they’re close to, and more than two out of three are lonelier than before, in general and in their romantic lives. 

Read the full dating insights guide here.