Bumble Recruiting a ‘Global Connector Bee’ to Travel and Date

Bumble has opened up a new job opportunity for anyone who wants to travel the world and experience different cultures by going on dates.

The Global Connector Bee will be treated to all-expenses paid trips to countries such as Australia, India and Norway. Their task is to make romantic, friendly and professional connections and create web content to document the adventure.

The social app is going to use the new employee’s findings to improve its impact in international markets and recognise any region-specific updates that could be made.

Vice President of Marketing Chelsea Maclin said to Cosmopolitan: “We are a global company on a mission to connect great people in a kind and empowering way.

“As our company and community of users continues to grow, it’s so important for us to advance our on-the-ground research about the global dating culture so we can optimize our product offerings for new communities and future generations.”

Users must be older than 18 to apply and have until 14th June to match with the Global Connector Bee profile in the app. It is not immediately clear whether the position is open for men as well as women.

London-based startup CLiKD has been running a Summer Internship scheme for the past two years, where singles use the app to try and find love while keeping either a written or video diary along the way.

Bumble has just announced a new series of awards, looking to celebrate individuals and businesses advancing gender equality in the workplace.

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