Bumble Reveals Indian Singles Are Turning To IRL Dating

Bumble, the women-first dating app and social networking platform, has revealed that IRL dating is back, and that single Indians are looking for creative, interesting ways to plan their in-person dates. In fact, more than 65% of daters on Bumble in India surveyed claim they now prefer to go on an in-person date with their potential matches or partners over only virtual dates. Furthermore, with more people planning their IRL dates around their newly acquired skills or hobbies, ‘hobby dates’ has also emerged as one of the dating trends to look forward to in 2022.

With a renewed sense of clarity and confidence in taking control of their dating lives, people are shifting focus to meeting their online matches in person.

  • Daters on Bumble in India prefer post-work IRL dates. Returning to workplaces and colleges has shifted people’s interest in IRL dating in India. 46% of daters on Bumble would prefer to go on in-person dates after work or classes. In-person dates are preferred more by GenZ (50%) compared to Millennials (42%).
  • When deciding on in-person dates, a majority of daters on Bumble in India (51%) prefer to make spontaneous decisions together while one in four daters on Bumble in India prefer letting their potential match or partner decide how to plan an in-person date.

Be it selecting a newly opened restaurant in the neighbourhood to eat out, going to pottery classes together on weekends, or exploring an adventurous date to go hiking together–daters in India are choosing different experiences to get to know their online connections on first IRL dates.

Per Bumble’s recent internal study, when it comes to planning their first IRL dates with an online connection or a potential partner:

  • 77% of daters on Bumble in India prefer eating out while 59% of them prefer going out for drinks.
  • Adventurous dates are preferred by 35% of daters on Bumble in India.
  • While 75% of daters* on Bumble in India have picked up new hobbies and skills during the pandemic, 30% prefer hobby or skill-based activities.
  • Exploring a new place or an activity is the biggest factor a majority of (61%) of daters on Bumble in India consider when planning to go on an IRL date. For women on Bumble in India, the level of effort taken by their potential match or partner to plan a date (51%) is the most important factor they consider before agreeing to go on an IRL date.

Bumble’s new study also revealed the kind of conversations daters are interested in on their first IRL dates:

  • 86% of daters on Bumble in India love to have conversations around shared passions and hobbies on their first in-person date
  • 66% of daters on Bumble in India love to have conversations around their work or profession, on their first in-person date
  • 70% of daters on Bumble in India love to have conversations around their travel adventures (places they have visited and hope to visit) on their first in-person date
  •  61% of daters on Bumble in India love to have conversations about childhood stories and memories on their first in-person date 
  • 49% of daters on Bumble in India love to have conversations about their friends and family on their first in-person date
  • 25% of daters on Bumble in India love to have conversations around topical issues (current affairs, politics) on their first in-person date

ot a date but don’t know where to go? As single Indians jump back into IRL dating, Bumble has launched The Date Generator to share a wide range of exciting recommendations for memorable, interesting IRL dates in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. Be it a romantic meal, an adventurous session at a gaming arcade, a low-key jazz night, or just a quick coffee–people can access the Date Generator through the microsite, a unique interactive experience where you share what kind of mood you are in and what suits your dating style for perfect date recommendations. People can also win exciting date experiences from a wide range of choices across cities.

Speaking on this, Samarpita Samaddar, India  Communications Director at Bumble shares, “Single Indians are excited and hopeful about IRL dating and are being bold and adventurous with their dating preferences. We are excited to launch ‘The Date Generator’ allowing you to choose from some of the best recommendations for memorable and exciting in-person dates in your city. We will continue to innovate and support our community to be their authentic selves to forge meaningful connections!”