Bumble VP Opens Up About Gender Inequality in Sport

Bumble’s Vice President, Chelsea Maclin, spoke to Front Office Sports (FOS) on Monday, about how the dating app is trying to tackle gender inequality in sports.

As a woman-oriented dating app, gender equality is a particularly important issue for the company to address and it is now trying to encourage gender equality in the sports industry. Maclin explained to FOS why Bumble is choosing to support gender equality in sports.

“As a business that’s founded on equality and equity for all people, sports has a history in terms of challenges gender equity faces,” she said. 

“It’s very intentional; sports is an important focus area for Bumble. It’s easy to connect over a shared love of athletes and sports or two athletes. Sporting events are key places from our users that they want to attend or gather, whether it’s dates or meetings as a friend group.”

Many Bumble users also list sports as one of the most important aspects of their life.

“We try to be as data-driven as possible when it comes to those decisions. What our users tell us are success stories, we take all of that into account in marketing decisions, and sports is something that is top of mind with our users,” explained Maclin. 

And Bumble is always looking for new campaigns.

Maclin added: “We’ll stay committed to and furthering our mission and values. Whether it’s with female athletes or leagues and teams that are focused on male athletes and give them the tools to make healthy connections.

“There’s interest in the upcoming Olympics and what teams are making by way of their changes in the way they think about equity and equality.” 

One of Bumble’s most successful sports-related campaigns is the three-year-old partnership with the Los Angeles Clippers, which aims to encourage diversity, gender and thoughtful decision-making. There is no news yet as to whether the partnership will be extended and Maclin remained quiet on the subject other than to say they are very pleased with it.

In 2019, Bumble partnered with Serena Williams for the Super Bowl ad, #InHerCourt, and with esports organisation, Gen G, to sponsor an all-female Fortnite team.

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