Bumble’s Chief Operating Officer in Forbes Interview

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Sarah Jones Simmer, Bumble’s COO, has been featured in a new interview with Forbes.

Forbes’ journalist Erin Spencer specialises in covering “supportive company cultures for working women”, and the article opens by describing Bumble’s headquarters.

The Austin office famously features a private space for nursing mothers known as the ‘Mummy Bar’.

The introduction also notes that Bumble has recorded over 500 million female-initiated conversations to date.

Simmer reveals that Bumble promotes ‘micro-agility’ in its day-to-day operations, not requiring employees to go through a complex process if they need to make a sudden trip out of the office.

“(…) if you feel like you can meet your day to day needs, you’re better able to meet the business’ needs,” she says.

Bumble also reportedly has multiple people heading some subdivisions of the company, which Simmer describes as a break from masculine hierarchy.

A creative employee may be paired with someone who has a complementary skill set to jointly lead a project under this system.

She also values some more established business practices, however, and suggests that employees should always look to come to their superiors with solutions rather than problems.

They should also frame their ideas in such a way that it clearly demonstrates the value their implementation would have for the company.

An example of this may be noting how a team building exercise could build camaraderie and good will between employees.

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