Bumble’s Director of Partnerships Talks New ‘Spots’ Initiative

Bumble’s Director of Partnerships Andee Olson has been talking to 303 Magazine, a Colorado-based lifestyle publication, about the opening of a ‘BumbleSpot’ at the Moxy Hotel in Cherry Creek, Denver.

The latest initiative from the dating and social app encourages users to take their online interactions into the real world, in a fun and safe environment.

Olson told 303: “Our users are always asking us, ‘What’s the best date spot in my city? Or ‘Where should I go for coffee that’s not too loud?’

“So we took a step back and asked what if we could create a program that highlights some of our favorite local coffee shops, bars and restaurants in all the cities where we have ambassadors?”

She continued to say Moxy was an “obvious” choice for a partnership because it is a “cool and fun and unique and exciting”  location. So far eight BumbleSpots at Moxy Hotels have opened across the US.

Bumble users will also get exclusive discounts on food and cocktails, but not on the hotel rooms.

The ‘Spots’ are designed to encourage interaction, and couples can play games to help break the ice – such as shuffleboard. There is also a special Jenga set with ice-breaker questions printed on every piece.

The staff have also been trained by an improv comedy group to guide a couple through their first date if it begins to look awkward.

There is a considerable focus on safety and signs are put up in the restrooms to give advice on how to avoid an uncomfortable situation.

Olson said to 303: “We hope that anyone meeting someone on Bumble is adhering to Bumble’s values – and if they’re not, we know about it – there are no second chances.

“There’s no guarantee that any situation is going to be safe. We hope it is and we will do our best to make sure that it is, but this is a big step in the right direction.”

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