Bumble’s Top Trends for 2024

Bumble has released its annual dating trends for 2024, identifying key behaviours and preferences for the year ahead. The dating app predicts that it will be the ‘year of self’, with singles looking inwards at their own desires and expectations.

Based on research from 25,000 singles on Bumble in Singapore and across the globe, 2024 is set to be a year of individuals investing in their own wellness. 64% of women surveyed in Singapore are starting the new year with a clearer idea of what they want from their romantic lives.

In addition to this, Bumble shared 8 key trends to look out for in 2024:

  1. Age Gap Dating

Bumble highlights that there has been an increase in cross-generational relationships, with 63% of people around the world saying that age is not a defining factor in their dating life.

In Singapore specifically, 56% of women say that they’re open to dating someone younger than them, and 50% have become less judgemental towards age-gap relationships in the last year.

  1. Shared Values

Research shows that singles are increasingly looking for a partner that appreciates social causes and shares similar values to them. 1 in 4 Bumble users globally believe that a partner that engages with policies and social causes makes them more attractive.

Singaporean women share that sustainability and human rights are the key issues that they want a partner to engage with, with 30% of women saying that it’s a turn off for a partner to not care about any societal causes.

  1. Rebelling Against Constant Improvement Rhetoric

Modern individuals are sometimes bombarded with messaging that promotes constant improvement, even at the risk of making them unhappy. In 2024, there is a new desire to find happiness at the current state of where we are.

75% of Singaporean women told Bumble that in 2024 they’ll be rebelling against constant self-improvement messaging and actively looking to find happiness with who they are in the present. 

  1. Finding Emotional Intimacy

Intimacy is often discussed in its physical sense, but emotional intimacy is a key focus for 2024. 38% of Singaporeans told Bumble that emotional intimacy is now more important than sex, and more attractive than physical connection.

Both Singaporean men and women believe that an ideal partner has an understanding of both emotional & physical intimacy.

  1. Changing Masculinity 

Masculinity and gender roles are under the microscope as we head into 2024. In light of changing attitudes, 26% of Singaporean men have actively changed their behaviour, focusing more on vulnerability and openness with their romantic partners.

29% of these men say that increased openness has led to a positive impact on their mental health, with a similar number saying that they adopt healthy masculinity in their friendship group.

  1. Changing Timeline Expectations

Romantic relationships come with certain expectations and milestones, adding pressure to a couple’s natural journey together. But in 2024, singles want to break away from these expectations and walk their own path.

37% of women surveyed in Singapore are no longer focused on adhering to traditional timelines, with 52% saying they will only date people who share similar expectations as them.

In a further breakaway from traditional milestones, nearly 4 in 5  women are looking for a long-term relationship, but only 49% say they are seeking marriage.

  1. All’s Fair in Love and Tennis

Sport is set to be a popular interest for couples in the new year. A common appreciation of sport is a ‘must have’ for 35% of Singaporean singles, with 31% also saying they attending sports together is important.

Singapore is a hotspot for sports-focused singles, with 61% of Bumble profiles featuring a sports interest badge with popular focuses being gymming, running, and football.

  1. Appreciating Mental Health

The dating journey can be fun, but it can also take a toll on mental health. Changing how they date is a method for singles to better protect their mental health in the new year.

‘Slow-dating’ and ensuring that they go for quality over quantity is part of this changing dating strategy among 38% of Singaporean singles. Nearly half of Bumble’s female respondents in Singapore are actively seeking partners who value time and self-care.

“In 2023, dating themes centred around travel romances, the importance of clear and healthy boundaries (a term that was hijacked by a certain Hollywood star earlier this year), and dating outside your type. We know that social and cultural movements are incredibly intertwined with our dating and social lives, and this year we saw many conversations come to a head on social issues including misogyny, therapy speak, women’s rights, among others, which have left many people – especially women – feeling exhausted”, said Lucille McCart, APAC Communications Director at Bumble.

“This is all having an impact on how people on Bumble are dating in Singapore and around the world – people are assessing what is important to them, feeling more empowered in their sense of self, and seeking out people who value the same things as them – whether that is social causes, lifestyle choices, or even as simple as their favourite sports team”, she continued.

“We are also observing a really exciting phenomenon that sees singles rewriting the rulebook and unpacking expectations around age, the pursuit of perfectionism and relationship timelines. People are looking inward more than ever before, becoming more accepting of who they are, and showing up to their dating experience as a more vulnerable and authentic version of themselves. We predict that 2024 will usher in a year of the self, with Singaporeans feeling empowered to prioritise what they value, be fearless about what they stand for, and have a renewed sense of clarity about what they want in their romantic lives”, McCart explained.

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Photo courtesy of Bumble. 

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