Business Insider Compares LinkedIn Career Advice and Bumble Bizz

Deloitte 2017 CMO

Business Insider UK has published a long form comparison of Bumble Bizz, the networking subsection of Bumble, and the analogous LinkedIn Career Advice.

The LinkedIn feature allows users to connect with mentors and get career advice, while Bumble focuses on connecting people with similar professional interests.

LinkedIn had a better feature for filtering out irrelevant people in the comparison – there was no obvious way on Bumble to only network with people from your industry.

This may be something the app solves algorithmically as you swipe, however – Bumble’s dating tab tracks users’ match preferences in this way.

The journalist’s first match on LinkedIn was from an unrelated industry, and was not interested in mentoring or exchanging on the platform. She was also unable to start any valuable conversations on Bumble.

Another frustration on Bumble was that it imports job data from Facebook – the journalist had to log onto that platform and reorder their career information there for it to present correctly on the Bumble profile.

The journalist preferred Bumble Bizz overall – it offered more independence and didn’t require users to wait for a number of days between matches (LinkedIn presents users with matches twice per week).

Bumble Bizz has made headlines on several occasions in 2017, most recently for hiring Erin and Sara Foster as creatives.

Read the full comparison here.