Capital One Launch Mobile Wallet, Works With Apple Pay


Capital One are launching a new mobile wallet app, to coincide with the launch of Apple’s new mobile payment system, Apple Pay.

Apple Pay lets people with an iPhone 6 make mobile payments in stores, by using NFC and Touch ID technology.

The Capital One wallet doesn’t use Apple’s Touch ID feature, it has its own SureSwipe, which is more akin to Android’s security protection that mimics login patterns and gestures.

The app has real-time notifications, so that you can immediately see if a transaction has gone through, or if someone else is using a card.


There is also detailed information about your purchases, where you bought it, and how to contact the business.

If you have a reward credit card, you can also get access to eGift cards, account credit and also erase your travel costs with the purchase eraser.

Apple Pay was launched in September alongside the Apple Watch and iPhone 6.

To use it in shops, customers simply tap their phone on specific Apple payment terminals, and confirm it using TouchID.

The app is available on iTunes and is coming to Android soon.