Cat Cupid: TikTok-Style Dating App for Cat Owners

A Scottish cat-sitter has taken a leap of faith and created a dating app for cat owners. Cat Cupid asks users to create a TikTok-style short video introducing their cats as the main way to introduce themselves to potential matches.

This style of matching will appeal to cat lovers, and it “also distracts people from the whole focus being on them”, Madeleine Murray, founder of Cat Cupid, told the Daily Record

“A lot of people can be quite self-conscious, so this is all about their passion for their pets. What you see is what you get – and I’m opening it up to friendship, as well as dating”, she said.

The app, launching on Valentine’s Day 2023, will charge paying users £15 a month. Murray has already stated that a portion of the profits will go to animal welfare charities.

Murray decided to create the app after her cat-sitting business closed down during the Covid-19 pandemic. She says she naturally has been match-making in her personal life, finding partners for her family and friends in the past.

Image courtesy of Daily Record. 

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