Chappy’s Head of Brand Explains Future and Bumble Merger

Chappy users will no longer be able to access their accounts from today, as the gay dating app begins its new merger with Bumble.

The news broke earlier this month that the MagicLab subsidiary was going to cease to exist. It wants to make more of an impact across the whole LGBTQ community with the new partnership.

For the past few days, singles have not been able to create any new matches, and were encouraged to use the transition period to swap contact information with their existing connections.

They were also given a free one-week free premium subscription to Bumble, to help them get settled on the platform.

Chappy’s Head of Brand Sam Dumas said in a statement to GDI: “Last year, it was announced that MagicLab, Bumble and Chappy’s parent company, was acquired by Blackstone. 

“As a result, and under the guidance of Whitney Wolfe Herd, we agreed as a team that integrating Chappy into Bumble’s already thriving LGBTQ+ community would provide the best long-term user experience. 

“Bumble and Chappy share similar missions: empowering their users and creating a stronger sense of belonging for all users regardless of their identity. I’m excited to share that at the end of this month Chappy will fully integrate itself into Bumble.”

Dumas continued on to say that he will remain with Bumble as the ‘LGBTQ+ Brand Advisor’ to ensure “an even stronger future for [the] community”.

New visitors to the Chappy website are now greeted by a message encouraging them to download Bumble.

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