Chapter 2 Releases Study on Dating for Widows & Widowers

Chapter 2, a dating app for young widows and widowers, has released a new study looking at how individuals in this community re-enter the dating scene. In the UK, almost 100,000 people under 50 lose their spouse every year.

In a survey of 500 singles who have lost a partner, 61% said it’s better dating someone who’s had a similar experience, as they have an easier time understanding each other’s situation. 41% say they specifically prefer dating a fellow widow/widower.

Online dating leaders may be interested to know that widows/widowers on average enter 2 relationships after the loss of a partner, having dated 4 people, and having 2 one-night stands.

“Starting dating again after loss can be a taboo subject. It’s not often discussed or talked about, and I hope Chapter 2’s new research will help to normalise and highlight the topic to the public”, said Nicky Wake, relationship expert and founder of Chapter 2. 

When it comes to re-entering the dating scene, the biggest positive is that it provides hope that love can be found again, respondents shared. However, the biggest negative is that feelings of guilt may emerge when developing feelings for someone new.

Some differences between widows and widowers is that men are 3.6 times more likely to re-enter the dating scene for the sole reason of sex. Men also tend to say sex is the most fun part of dating again, when compared to women. 

“Through Chapter 2, I want to create a safe, supportive community of peer support, of people who ‘get it’. We are so much more than a dating site. We are building a community that will create friendships, companionship and relationships online and in person through a series of events”, summarised Wake.

“We are the club that literally no one ever wanted to join, but I think and hope we can find solace and, our next chapter.” 

If you’d like to sign up for Chapter 2, you can find a link to their website here.