Chispa Partners With OYE Wellness App

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, dating app Chispa is partnering with wellness platform OYE. For the month of May, Chispa users will have access to 5 new videos every week which touch on wellness and mental health issues.

Chispa, the number one dating app for Latine Singles, looks to provide Hispanic Gen Z and millennials with the resources to find healthy emotional wellness. 

The platform states that America’s mental health crisis disproportionately affects Hispanics, with research showing 40.3% of Hispanics experience depression symptoms, compared to 25.3% of white individuals.

In response, Chispa is partnering with OYE to share insights from their wellness coaches in the form of weekly videos. The dating app will also release a new collection of in-app stickers and profile prompts related to emotional wellness.

OYE’s mission is “to help the world feel better by creating products, content, and experiences that bring valuable wellness practices from the margins to the mainstream of everyday life”, according to its website.

The OYE platform helps individuals manage their emotional wellness, with daily emotional check in tools, goal setting, mindful notifications, and mind-body practices. It is also bilingual and available in Spanish.

The wellness platform was co-founded by J Balvin, a Colombian musician and one of the highest-selling Latin artists. 

You can find out more about Chispa at its website here. 

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