Christian Connection Hosts Virtual Events as User Numbers Rise

Faith-based dating service Christian Connection has seen a significant increase in user activity since lockdown regulations were put in place.

Data from the dating website shows that new sign ups have increased by almost 25% and the number of meaningful conversations has also gone up by more than 50%.

Christian Connection is now hosting weekly virtual events to help keep its members interacting and ensuring they always have someone to talk to. It is also working on implementing live video services but current available details are limited.

Founder Jackie Elton and Communications Director Joff Williams told GDI: “We needed to provide wider access to the Christian Connection services, better access to the discussion boards and the replacement of our normal social events with virtual online events, including regular quizzes, karaoke, virtual visits to art galleries and member led meetings. And of course, lots of advice on how to make things work in a virtual environment.

“One of the really positive things about our virtual events – is that people can join from all over the UK – people have often said we are too London based – now we are getting people from everywhere in the UK!”

Platforms across the industry have experienced similar growth as singles are now spending the majority of their time at home. 

However, Jackie Elton believes the reasons behind the spikes can be attributed to much more than just singles having nothing better to do.

She explained that in times of great stress and change people, especially Christians, will ask themselves the bigger questions about life and will look for meaning in new connections. Christian Connection reportedly recognised similar users trends in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

Visit the Christian Connection website here.