Clik’D Intern Hired To Road Test London Dating App Finds Boyfriend In Two Weeks

Daria Clik'd

The intern London dating app Clik’D hired to road test the app has found a boyfriend in just two weeks.

In April, Clik’D announced it was looking for an intern to use the online dating app to go on paid-for dates across London, then write about their experiences every week on the company blog.

Film graduate Daria Lazo was chosen as Clik’D’s intern from over 250 people who applied to the position.

And although having signed up to go on 10 dates over 10 weeks, this week, Clik’D said Daria had found a boyfriend in just two.

Despite describing her first date as “the worst date of my life” in the company blog, the second Clik’D date was much more successful.

Clik’D intern Daria Lazo said: “I applied for, and accepted, the internship because I was interested to see how the app’s personality-focus would change my attitudes and concepts to dating.

“And having been single for over a year, and tried a number of dating apps I really wasn’t expecting to meet such a great guy at all, let alone so soon into my search.

“And now I’m really looking forward to getting to know him better, and sharing our journey with other CliK’D users.”

Daria Clikd
In addition to going on dates across London during the course of her internship, Daria was also the face of Clik’D’s most recent ad campaign.

The first wave of the campaign launched with the official release of Clik’D’s iOS and Android app in June, consisting of over 100 digital adverts in London, both billboards, adverts at train stations, bus stops and on taxis.

The second features 25-year-old Daria in a digital animation showing how the creative dating app connects users together.

Since launching the London campaign, Clik’D is now fast approaching the 10,000 downloads mark and has seen over 100,000 launches.

Daria Clikd

Speaking about Daria’s success, founder Michael Blakeley said: “When we first started thinking about hiring an intern to test the app, we thought that 10 weeks would be enough time to go on at least a few decent dates, but we never expected that we would manage to find her a boyfriend in date no 2.

“It’s really amazing, and a great way to prove that the app works, and I’m really happy for them both.”

When it posted the job application, Clik’D promised that should the intern find a partner, they would both be given tickets to a festival, and the startup has honoured this promise – sending Dari and her boyfriend to Outlook Festival in Croatia in September.

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