Cobble Adds Poll Feature For Planning Group Activities

Cobble, a dating companion app that helps couples choose date activities, has released a new feature designed for groups of all sizes.

Users can create a poll of potential locations ahead of their next outing. After sharing on other social networks and group chats, their friends can vote for their favourites, making the process of organising an event for multiple people a lot easier.

Recipients don’t need to download the app in order to take part in a poll and they can swipe right on multiple venues if they like the look of them. The feature can filter each venue by distance, activity category and price range. 

It’s designed to increase the amount of time that friends spend together by streamlining the task of planning.

Cobble was originally created as an aide for two people to decide where to go for a date, but it is now moving towards also helping groups, in order to increase its range of potential members.

Founder and CEO Jordan Scott explained on LinkedIn: “This was our first step into helping not just couples, but groups of all sizes make decisions together on the most worthwhile experiences. 

“You can now use Cobble’s curated content to formulate your own pool of options, shoot it off to whoever you’re hanging with, and let them experience the magic of swiping.”

At the end of last year, Cobble added a ‘Stay-In Experience’ filter to help couples have meaningful dates at home while lockdown orders were still in place. This option can be used by people across the United States, while offline activities are currently only available in New York City.

Visit the Cobble website here.