Coffee Meets Bagel CEO Interviews on Personal Well-Being

Dawoon Kang has taken part in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, focusing in on the steps she takes to achieve mental balance as she continues to deliver a popular online dating product.

The Coffee Meets Bagel co-CEO said it’s very important to “preserve [her] inner peace” by having structured morning and evening routines. Every night, she winds down by sharing “daily gratitudes” with her sister and business partner Arum.

One of the main pieces of advice Kang gives is that it’s alright to ask for help. She regularly speaks to both her therapist and personal life coach, and says aspiring entrepreneurs should allow themselves to be vulnerable as it helps them to be more daring leaders.

Kang told Yahoo Lifestyle: “You can allow yourself to be vulnerable by doing things like raising issues, setting boundaries, saying no, asking for help, and not shying away from uncomfortable conversations. 

“It’s not about over-sharing — vulnerability is an emotion that we experience during a time of uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.”

In a separate interview earlier this year, she explained that she instils similar values in her employees by encouraging them to take ownership of their actions, collaborate with others and learn new ideas.

Coffee Meets Bagel unveiled a revamped premium tier in June which allows subscribers to have unlimited daily swipes. It aligns with the brand’s ‘slow dating’ mantra, according to Kang, as users willing to pay a subscription fee will be among the most serious singles.

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