Coffee Meets Bagel CEO Promotes Inclusive and Diverse Workplace

Coffee Meets Bagel

Arum Kang, co-founder and CEO of Coffee Meets Bagel, has been speaking about the importance of having inclusivity in the workplace.

Speaking at the Puget Sound Programming Python meetup in Seattle, Kang told a story about when two CMB employees became fathers, just after the app had launched.

However, the company didn’t have a parental leave policy in place at that time, so the two men agreed to just “go with the flow”, and continue working.

When she had a baby of her own a few years later, Kang wished that she had organised a policy sooner, to help her other workers.

According to GeekWire, she said: “I felt horrible that I didn’t encourage my employees to take time off and make that process easier by setting something up before they had to go through that.”

Kang treated the whole situation as a learning experience, and acknowledged the importance of diversity and inclusion.

She continued: “The perspective brought on by having people with different backgrounds is just something you are totally ignorant of because it’s really hard to put yourself in another person’s shoes.

“For a company that is serving such a diverse set of consumers, we need to have diversity in our employee base, too, because we need to be considerate of the customer.”

Kang has since dedicated time to ensuring that the company is an inclusive and diverse place of work, where everyone is treated equally and given the same opportunities.

Bumble openly advertises as an equal opportunities employer and actively encourages everyone to apply for its job vacancies.

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