Coinswipe Seeks $10m in Funding


The “Tinder for ICOs”, Coinswipe, has filed a Form D 506c with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

This is following its intent to raise $10m in funding.

Coinswipe want to offer the same as Tinder does as a platform but for initial coin offerings.

How users react to specific ICOs will help the platform determine and identify scams.

Users will reportedly be rewarded with Coinswipe tokens once they have shared their wisdom.

The company is hoping that user evaluation of ICOs will help to separate the good ICOs from the bad.

According to the From D, Coinswipe is looking to issue debt, equity, Options/Warrents and/or security to be acquired upon exercise of the option.

“Coin Swipe rewards users for identifying weak projects or correctly identifying winners, helping the crypto community make better decisions as a group. Working together, this collective ‘Hive Mind’ will increase trust in crypto projects and make the ICO and blockchain market more secure.”

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