Most Common Way for Newlyweds to Meet is Online, Survey Finds

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A survey conducted by wedding planner ‘The Knot’ has found that online dating was the most common way that 2017 newlyweds met.

The survey has over 14,000 respondents, all of whom were engaged or recently married men and women.

According to the press release, 19% of brides met their spouse by using either online dating sites or social media. The figure is up from 14% last year.

The 19% figure breaks down into 17% for online dating sites, and just 2% for other social media platforms.

Finding love online love now seems more common than meeting a friend of a friend (17%), meeting someone at college (15%) or meeting someone at work (12%).

The Knot also noted that “This rise in digital dependence continues through each step of the wedding planning journey”, citing a 2016 survey which revealed “9 in 10 couples using mobile devices for wedding planning activities.”