Conservative MPs In Australia Targeted By Online Dating Smear Campaign Over Views On Same-Sex Marriage

Conservative Australian MPs opposed to same-sex marriage have been caught up in a fake online dating profile smear campaign.

Andrew Broad and George Christensen are two politicians who have both had fake profiles featuring their photos added to dating platforms like Tinder and Grindr.

According to The Herald Sun, the people behind the fake accounts are trying to discredit them because of their views on same-sex marriage.

Fake Twitter and Facebook accounts of Broad and other parliamentarians from different parties have also been active in recent weeks.

Andrew Broad’s fake Tinder profile consisted of a black and white image of the MP, along with a bio saying he was looking for single women on the app.

The fake profile also said he was “relaxed and open-minded,” and that he was trying the dating app out to see “what this thing is all about”.

Andrew Broad’s colleague, George Christensen, who caused outrage on Twitter in 2015 when he compared same-sex marriage to America’s pro-gun laws, has also been impersonated on the gay dating app Grindr.

Dan Tehan, the minister assisting the Prime Minister for Cyber ­Security, said they had recently briefed politicians on simple steps they could take to improve their security online.

Tehan said: “I encourage all politicians to be on the lookout for fake profiles and to act swiftly when they become aware of one.”

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