‘Couple’ Aims to Break Speed-Dating Records

‘Couple’, a video-dating platform, wants to break records with its upcoming Date ‘Til You Drop event. The target is to get a record breaking number of singles to go on a record number of dates, for a record amount of time.

Hundreds of daters will start the event, with it continuing until just 25 are left. The final 25 singles still taking part will win a $250 Amazon gift card and other prizes, while other participants could win vouchers to Subway.

“Couple strives to celebrate singlehood and the pursuit of love in a big way every day”, shared Couple CEO Ryan Beswick.

“But now and again, it’s fun to go bigger. And our Date ‘Til You Drop event is certainly that”

The event is being held on November 3rd, coinciding with National Sandwich Day. When asked why this particular holiday, Beswich stated that he had trust in Couple’s matching engine, “but even we have to admit that, sometimes, love is wonderfully random. And what’s more random than a national holiday dedicated to stuffed bread?”