CoyAmore: The Dating App for Introverts

Introverts may find it difficult to ask someone out, find like-minded people, or express themselves fully. A new dating platform, CoyAmore, is looking to make it easier for shy singles to find love.

Jon Pethke, CEO of Introwoo, the developer of CoyAmore, explained that “The tendency of an introvert is to be a homebody, making love difficult to attain. Introwoo is here to help introverts bridge the gap”.

CoyAmore has a range of features to promote more convenient matchmaking. For example its ‘connect-to-connect’ tool requires users to focus when they’re reaching out to new people. This limits the ability for accidental swipes and matches.

It also helps singles publically arrange their love languages in preferred order, allowing for them to immediately gauge compatibility with potential matches.

Guru Angisetty, CEO of Codeglo Technologies and partner to Introwoo, states “research suggests that an estimated 30% of the world’s population identify as introverts, but there isn’t a dating app out there that caters to this significant demographic.

You can find out more about CoyAmore at its website here.