CPO Brian Norgard Talks Tinder Places on Podcast


Tinder’s Chief Product Officer Brian Norgard and Director of Product Jeff Morris Jr. have taken part in an interview on the Product Hunt Radio podcast.

Product Hunt is a website that curates new technology, mobile and online products from audience suggestions. The weekly podcast features interviews with founders, investors and journalists to discuss the latest tech news.

On the 137th episode of Product Hunt Radio, Norgard and Morris spoke about recent Tinder developments and how they create new products.

They started by discussing the development of Tinder Places, which has recently been launched in three countries.

Norgard explained that they aimed to make a new feature that made the dating app even more of a location service. They wanted to ensure it had a simplistic user interface but prioritized safety and privacy.

The decision to make the users’ location not visible in real-time was made so it wouldn’t be seen as “creepy”. The service is also opt-in and consumers can delete places from their list if they don’t want to be seen there.

Norgard said to Product Hunt: “It shows you this tapestry of where you’ve been over the last month. We think that that’s really powerful and it’s an incredible signal about finding and discovering new people – there’s a high probability that if you go to Phil’s Coffee that you might find someone interesting there.”

Morris added that part of the reason he loves working at Tinder is because he believes: “When you actually meet someone in person because of a digital product it can change your life.”

The pair then went on to discuss the development of Tinder Boost, the feature that makes a profile more visible to potential matches for a period of time.

An animation of faces in little hearts floating across the screen was added to show a user that they were currently being boosted and that people were viewing their profile.

Morris said: “It livens up the product and adds more excitement. I like animations in unexpected places.”

Norgard added: “Boost is one of the most successful consumables – in the history of the industry. [The version without the animation] was still a good product, but it was uninspiring.”

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Dominic Whitlock

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