Crashlytics Introduces New Alerts And Reports For OOM Events

Twitter’s Crashlytics has just introduced new alerts and reports for OOM events.

Crashlytics ordinarily alerts you of any issues that might be occurring with your iOS app that could lead to a crash.

It then pinpoints the cause to help you fix the issue as quickly as possible.

However, it is now branching out by introducing a way to monitor OOM events – which is when your app crashes because the device it has been downloaded on doesn’t have enough memory to maintain it.

Although to the user this will look like a regular crash, to you it could be a fixable issue that will make your app perform better.

Crashlytics said: “OOM events are difficult to report because iOS doesn’t provide any direct mechanism to detect them and they can be caused by factors beyond your app environment and control, such as your app’s memory usage.

“But because of how important it is to understand your rate of OOM events, we took on this challenge and added OOM reporting to Crashlytics for iOS devices.”

To help you recognise and fix OOM events, Crashlytics will take a stream of live data about your app’s performance, before going through a process of elimination to detect any OMM events occurring within your app.

All you have to do is download Crashlytics and Answers Kits on Fabric and it will do the rest for you.

Crashlytics explains: “In other words, we analyse your app’s event stream to come up with an explanation of why it terminated and if we can’t match it up it to a known reason for termination, we count it as an OOM event.”

There is also a new OOM reporting dashboard that will help you understand if OOM events are an issue for your app, using a percentage of the devices affected.

And Crashlytics is also offering a daily device breakdown to help you better investigate problems and give insights into how each of your builds work in relation to OOM.

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