Crush Mobile Apps Launches ‘Second-Generation’ Dating Apps

Northsight Capital Inc has announced that its Crush Mobile division has recently launched its “second-generation” dating apps for MiCrush, JCrush and Urban Crush.

The apps have a current database of approximately 1.5 million people, and the company is already looking to increase the monetisation of the apps in the coming months.

Crush Mobile apps currently have a range of chat features including being able to send voice notes, videos and photos.

Users are also able to send GIFs, stickers and locations. Crush says this helps them achieve high user retention and engagement.

Crush Mobile targets the Jewish communities, as well as African American and Latino communities.

The platform is also currently developing the Joint Lovers dating app. This is expected to be launched at the end of this month.

Crush claims their white label technology “allows for easy replication into a wide range of niche apps that help users of a similar background find, chat and meet with their Crushes.

“By having an umbrella and demographically targeted platforms, Crush generates higher retention and user value while still capturing the overall market size. Crush’s targeted apps with built-in monetization potential present new opportunities for both users and advertisers.”

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Chloe Gay

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