Crushh Analyses Your Text Messages To See How Much Other People Like You


A new app called Crushh analyses text message exchanges between you and your phone contacts, to work out how much other people like you.

Launched at the end of April this year, the app asks users which contact they want to analyse, and looks at things like the frequency of messages, responsiveness and the words used, while also taking into account demographic information like the person’s age.

Crushh calculates an interest score out of five – the higher the score, the greater the interest – and displays a graph which shows how the score has shifted throughout the relationship, and who is the more interested party.

The technology will also display a general measure of the person’s interest and engagement.

Crushh’s website explains: “Think of the app as the best friend you look to for love and dating tips. But instead of relationship advice that rely on memory or just guessing, we give you artificial intelligence based on data (your actual conversations) and algorithms that can interpret the words and patterns.

“It’s like having your own AI assistant or love calculator that understands how people communicate and can translate feelings for you.”


The app’s creator, Es Lee, said he built Crushh after his friend moved to New York and went on a date with a girl who he thought was interested, but stopped replying to his messages after the date.

Lee explained that he originally thought the app would be most popular amongst younger users, but since launching it has received interest from a much broader audience.

Lee said: “We over-analyse messages and tend to hand our smartphone to friends thinking they can be objective about it.

“But they can’t. Imagine the friend being a machine that has perfect recollection and can learn from hundreds of thousands of relationships.”

The company does admit that the product is not always 100% accurate, but says if it does get something wrong, the user can input more information about the person to help the algorithm learn more over time.

Crushh is currently available for Android users and so far only works for SMS messages.

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