Airs New Relationship-Based Reality Show On Social Media

The use of social media is now firmly embedded in the daily lives of people around the world, with many seeing it as an opportunity to voice opinions, share experiences and push for change on a global platform.

Inspired by the increase in use of social media, dating site this week released its new reality show on social media, which aims to portray the reality of relationships in a unique format.

Launched yesterday, the show – called “Real People. Real Feelings.” – sees two couples sharing real accounts and insights into their relationships and social lives, using popular platforms like Twitter, Instagram & Facebook, as well as’s official blog, to do so.

The show shares its name with’s new slogan, which the site launched as part of its recent rebrand and design refresh.

Real People Real Feelings features two couples, Hedda and Jordan and Kendall and Joseph, who have agreed to share details about their relationships to an audience on social media.

Every other day, the couples will be subject to relationship challenges put forward by the dating site, which they are instructed to deal with, and then share their experiences of on social media.

According to the dating site, this structure will give viewers the opportunity to “learn something new about being in a relationship”.

When asked about why they got involved in the show, Hedda and Jordan said: “We are happy to have the opportunity to look at our relationship from the outside, to understand ourselves, to understand each other.

“We are sure that the challenges from will only strengthen our relationship and bring us closer.”

The site has also shared its reasons for deciding to air the reality show on social media platforms, citing flexibility, convenience and interactivity as some of the key factors. spokesperson Anastasia Yarkova said: “We don’t use social media any more, we live there.

“It’s curious that until now there have been no social media reality shows, but we are going to reverse the situation.”

Visit’s official site here.