Dating App Users Face Cosmetic Surgery Discrimination

A new trend on dating apps sees single men explicitly state they’re only interested in matches who haven’t undergone cosmetic surgery. 

An article from i-D highlights that single men’s dating app profiles are now increasingly saying they want matches to be “filler-free” and exhibit “natural beauty”. This trend demonstrates “the line between preference and prejudice is becoming increasingly blurry”, it says. 

Of course, dating app users are no stranger to physical demands being made of them. Recent trends have seen women focus their attention on men over 6 feet, with LGBTQ+ apps also known for displaying toxic physical expectations. 

“The idea of a ‘natural’ look has become warped over the years”, says Maria Sullivan, dating expert and vice president of, told i-D.

“While men see certain women as more ‘natural’ than others, it’s possible that more ‘natural’ looking women are getting subtle cosmetic work done more often than these men realize”, she added.

The article highlights that men who prioritise ‘natural beauty’ are only giving themselves a smaller dating pool, and potentially limiting their access to a genuine match.

“We’ve seen that when singles base their swipes solely on appearance, the ensuing relationships don’t typically work out in the long run,” Sullivan summarised.

“Physical attraction is what draws you to someone, but personality is what keeps you interested, and character is what can keep you happy”, she concluded. 

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