News Analyses ‘No Shave November’ Impact on Dating has published a survey that investigates what impact ‘No Shave November’, or ‘Movember’, is having on the online dating landscape.

The annual movement looks to raise awareness and money for men’s health issues, such prostate cancer and depression. Men commit to growing facial hair throughout the month with varying degrees of success.

A number of dating apps have supported the cause in the past, either by making donations or adding profile badges with links to users’ fundraising pages.

The research found that 86% of people found facial hair attractive, and smooth-faced men would receive only a third of the matches. However, three-quarters of the respondents said the hair needed to be properly groomed and almost a half don’t like solo moustaches.

Maria Sullivan, Vice President of, explained in a statement: “No Shave November is a fun time where men don’t have to worry about being perfectly groomed, but unfortunately, there is a chance that it will affect their dating life.

“We discovered that a majority of singles on our site love facial hair on men and we can’t blame them. However, facial hair sometimes means more preparation when it comes to dating because it requires a lot of maintenance. Keeping your beard and mustache well-groomed and clean is a must.”

The survey was also followed up with advice to singles to make sure that their facial hair didn’t get in the way of their dating life. This included keeping it tidy and not continuously touching it while on a date.

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Dominic Whitlock

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