NewsSocial Discovery Group Finds Singles Excited to Return to ‘Normal’ Dating Schedule Group has been surveying its members to find out how they are feeling about offline dates now that social distancing measures are beginning to be lifted.

Despite the growing popularity of virtual dating products across the industry, the majority of respondents said they are looking forward to meeting people in person again. 85% of singles are reportedly excited to get back to their normal dating schedule.

However, just over half admit they won’t be rushing back to their old routine as they want to maintain caution while there is still a potential risk.

Dating expert and VP of Maria Sullivan explained in a statement: “Currently, singles are stuck in a weird position when it comes to dating. They aren’t sure if they should continue to meet people online or take those connections offline and have an in person date.

“With quarantine orders beginning to lift, singles will slowly but surely go back to their pre-isolation dating ways. 

“At, we found that a majority of singles are excited to begin meeting those they made a connection with in-person and we couldn’t be happier. We have also discovered that for the time being, some singles feel more comfortable sticking to online dating, and that is great too.”

Singles are also happy to continue online dating as they find it a convenient way to meet people and organise new connections.

Earlier this month Bumble introduced new social-distance dating filters. Users could identify what kind of date they’re currently comfortable with, whether that’s strictly virtual, or offline with face masks.

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Dominic Whitlock

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