NewsSocial Discovery Group Launches Metaverse Events, part of global brand Social Discovery Group, has announced the launch of new events in the metaverse. Users will be able to take part in parties, events, meetups, and dates in an immersive virtual environment.

Users from around the world will be able to create avatars and interact with users, allowing for new connections to be formed without having to leave the home. 

The platform hosted a two-hour event in April where users took part in games, icebreakers, and fun trivia. The event saw users from North America, South America, and Asia attend the metaverse session.

“We are at the forefront of innovation in dating. We are excited to introduce this cutting-edge new feature to our platform as we help bring dating to another dimension,” said Maria Sullivan, Vice President and Dating Expert at

“Virtual dating in the metaverse offers a whole new level of intimacy and connection that simply can’t be replicated in traditional online dating. In the Web3 world, distance is truly no boundary to finding a match”, she added.

Sullivan advised users who are curious about the metaverse to be open-minded about this innovative method of meeting new people. She highlighted that the metaverse can also simply be a place to have fun with no geographical barriers. 

“Our team has worked hard to create unique virtual experiences that are both innovative and authentic,” said KJ Dhaliwal, Chief Strategy Officer of Social Discovery Group.

“We believe this will be a game-changer in the dating industry and we know users will love the opportunity to connect with each other in this new and exciting way”, Dhaliwal continued.

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