Releases Survey Outlining Economic Impact On Dating have released survey findings based on the impact that rising inflation and economic uncertainty have caused on the dating lives of singles. Within the past 3 months, 47% of participants admitted they had held back on organising dates in a bid to save money.

“The increase in prices of food, gas, clothing and many other products and services has left singles rethinking their usual dating habits and patterns as they make an effort to save money,” says Maria Sullivan, Dating Expert and Vice President of “We’re seeing that inflation has also led to many couples choosing to move in together within an accelerated timeline to help cut living costs in the short term. In some cases, this happens before couples are truly ready to take this next step in their relationship.”

Some of the key findings in this survey include:

  • No date? No problem: 52% of participants stated they were happy holding back on scheduling dates to prevent the extra costs of drinks, clothes, transport, etc.
  • Taking it slow: 58% of participants reported they wanted to get to know potential partners better before putting money into activities and avoid wasting their time.
  • Common cutbacks: The survey found that 67% of participants cut back costs by choosing to go on cheaper date options.
  • Romance turned roommates: With rent prices increasing, newer couples tend to rush into moving in together in order to cut down the cost of living. 45% of participants admitted they have spoken to their partners about living together despite the fact they are not ready for that step.

“The increasing price of dating has made it even more of a challenge for singles to enjoy dating and putting themselves out there, but there are ways singles can still meet new people and have fun dates without worrying about how much it will cost,” continued Sullivan. She provided the following tips for ways to save money and still have an active dating life:

  • Simplify your night out: Instead of spending massive amounts on a fancier reservation, opt for a cheaper activity. 
  • Get creative: Casual activities such as a walk, a hike, a game night or a bike ride is a good way to build a connection without breaking the bank.