News to Update Livestreaming Technology Group has committed to developing its livestreaming technology in order to cement its place in the market and keep its products moving forward.

It claims that it was one of the first dating services to introduce streaming capabilities in 2018. The technology gives singles another avenue for meeting numerous potential matches at once, while helping them to have a real-life interaction before deciding whether or not they are compatible.

At the annual summer board meeting in Luxembourg, executives also decided to continue investing into overall business development, specifically related to international markets. 

Other priorities include purchasing new IP products and addresses, as well as ready-made data platforms. It’s hoped that the updates will help to drive Group’s global expansion and increase the overall quality of the brand.

Alla Gubenko, Board Director at Group, explained in a statement: “We are committed to continuing to lead the way in helping people make genuine, lasting connections around the globe.

“Focusing on business development and technology investment represents the best way to increase the quality of the industry generally and the capitalization of our company specifically. To that end, we are excited to help produce the next generation of live-streaming products and to acquire IP products in the near future.”

Video streaming is often described as the next big industry trend, with brands such as happn and Waplog working on video products of their own.

Bumble launched a new video and phone call feature at the beginning of July to help users have in-depth discussions before meeting in person. The innovation was brand fit for the female-first app, as it allowed women to engage without swapping personal contact information.

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Dominic Whitlock

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