Dating Group Launches Focus On Digital Intimacy And Virtual Dating Platforms

The Dating Group, a part of Social Discovery Ventures, has launched a focus on Digital Intimacy and virtual platforms, following their live interview at the GDI New York City Conference 2022. 

Bill Alena, CIO of the Dating Group, said: “The formation of a true, intimate experience can be made purely digitally. Subsequently, Social Discovery Ventures mission will be to build products that can help creat meaningful relationships solely in the digital world. There is a large gap between current Dating sites and traditional social networking, and filling that gap is the mission. Our key focus at the moment is on creating unique products that will thrive on the edge of Dating, Gaming and Social.”

Within the interview, Bill discussed the need for solving loneliness, an area that has become a key discussion point since the COVID-19 pandemic: “Covid taught us that people are willing to engage in the dating world with no real hope of meeting. Online dating & entertainment helps us to form connections because it truly plays its role in full digital intimacy. It’s not just a means to an end of meeting in the physical world. SDV Lab apps enable Play (games), creative profiles, AI based relationships, live streaming (1 to 1 & 1 to many), interactive digital worlds, and virtual gifting – all key elements to combating the ever growing social issue of loneliness.”

The GDI interview with Bill also introduced a number of new platforms with the Dating Group, intended on combating the challenge of loneliness and providing full digital intimacy. Two of the key platforms that are striving to do this are Meta Date, and iFriend – you can view the platforms through the videos below.


iFriend allows users to host virtual AI relationships & experiences, creating the perfect relationship for yourself. And, because it’s AI, it improves the more it gets to know you over time. It allows users to formulate and cultivate those perfect matches with their ideal partner – all in an AI and modern world capacity.

Meta Date

Meta Date, currently in development, will strive to play its role through allowing users to build a real avatar version of yourself, giving you the option to go on quests and adventures with other singles. It’s the true epitome of modern online dating – the full virtual dating experience in the 21st century.

Social Discovery Ventures (SDVentures) is a global technology company focused on connecting people through social discovery and designing Social Life 3.0. Our products include dating apps operated by our subsidiary Dating Group and new social and entertainment apps built by SDV Lab. More than 140 million people across 100 different countries enjoy our technologies.