Delhi Software Company Wixty Acquires Brazilian Christian Dating App Kingr For $150,000

Kingr Wixty

An Indian software company called Wixty has acquired Kingr, a dating app for Christians in Brazil for $150,000.

The all cash deal sees Kingr merge with Wixty but remain a standalone dating product.

Launched in December 2015 by Marco Rocha, Kingr seeks to connect Christians across Brazil with real time interactions and social network-style feeds.

And after a year on the market, Kingr has 87,000 total users and 48,000 daily active users.

Now, Rocha is looking to develop the platform’s reach with Wixty’s assistance, to better target the 50m Christians living in Brazil.

With the move, Rocha will become the CTO of Kingr, as Wixty founder & CEO R Ranjan Sahoo takes over the responsibility of scaling the dating product.


The new CEO of Kingr is ex-Wipro employee Elishsa Priyadarshini, who has worked with Wixty on marketing and development for two years, as well as holding the position of COO at Wixty-owned Video Vibe.

In addition to this, Tom Sun has been appointed the COO of Kingr.

Sahoo’s long term plan for Kingr is to push the product into more markets around the world, including the US, UK and India.

Speaking about his vision for the product, Sahoo said: “First comes the people and then the community. People as an individual are the building blocks of any community or union. What takes to make the community work is their strong internal bonding.

“People and their union builds the best communities. So, if people are well connected and socialised with each other, they can understand each other better and thus create great communities with strong bonding.”

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