Details on Bumble’s Speech Policy Emerge


Feminist dating app Bumble has publicly banned another user for violating its speech code.

Veteran Navy Intel Officer and Conservative Christian Jack Posobiec has been removed from the platform after a user complained that he was a “famous conspiracy theorist”.

Lindsey Ledford tweeted Bumble, asking: “is @bumble_app still a feminist dating app or the place where white nationalists / nazis go to cheat on their wives?”

Bumble messaged Lindsey directly, stating that they “do not tolerate rude or abusive users” and asking for evidence that Posobiec was a white supremacist.

The evidence Ledford provided was that Posobiec was a proponent of the ‘pizza-gate’ conspiracy theory, and that he once brought a ‘rape Melania’ sign to a Democratic rally in an attempt to discredit the left.

It is not clear how Bumble defines ‘white supremacy’.

Bumble noted that it had partnered with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to “ban all hate speech” from the app.

The ADL is an organisation that seeks to “speak out against anti-Semitism and bigotry, discrimination and injustice”.

It recently formed the Centre for Technology and Society to combat discrimination online. Bumble CEO and Founder Whitney Wolfe Herd sits on its board.

Another user was banned from the service recently for intimating that his match was overweight.

Bumble’s user guidelines currently state:

“We’re a very diverse community. This means you should respect other people’s beliefs, interests and property while on Bumble. Bumble takes a strong stance against hate speech, rude or abusive behavior, bullying, and misogyny. You should behave the same way on Bumble as you would in real life. Additionally we encourage all of our users to report anyone who does not follow these behavioral guidelines. As a community rooted in kindness and respect, we expect all of our users to respect each other, themselves, and the Bumble staff.”

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