Offline Dates App Dine Introduces Pokemon GO Feature Let’s Catch Pokemon

Let's Catch Pokemon

Dating app Dine has introduced a new feature that lets people go Pokemon hunting together.

With the release of Pokemon GO last month, the app has taken the world by storm, with millions of people searching for and catching Pokemon using the app’s VR technology.

And following its huge success, many app developers are taking advantage of the hype by creating their own Pokemon GO-related apps.

In recent weeks, we have seen the release of PokeMatch and PokeDates, which allow singles to connect with others through their love of the game.

And now Dine has also jumped on the bandwagon by introducing a new feature on the dating app to encourage singles to find Pokemon together.

Dine CEO, Keisuke Kamijo said: “Generally speaking, dating user profiles can only tell you so much about a person.

“The two main driving forces that will lead users to engage with a potential match is physical attraction and similar interests.

“Many of our users are currently playing Pokémon Go so we felt like giving our users a new and fun way to make character connections with potential matches.

“Plus, doesn’t going on a Poké Date sound fun? Why go alone when you can go together?”

Let's Catch Pokemon
Dine usually offers singles suggestions of where to meet for dinner or a drink, but with the new Pokemon feature, the app hopes that singles will find a connection through their mutual love of the virtual world too.

The new feature, called Let’s Catch Pokemon, allows singles to state their love of Pokemon GO on their profile, to let other singles know they are fans of the game.

Let’s Catch Pokemon was released shortly after Dine updated its UI for the US and Canada to try and increase the number of dates that occur via the site.

Keisuke Kamijo said: “Mainly speaking, all of the trending dating apps currently out there have an extremely low date rate.

“People match and then spend hours if not days conversing about hobbies, work, etc.

“People who matched through Dine usually open up their initial conversation with “when can you meet?”

“According to user records from tests we made on our UI in Canada, Dine fixes this issue with more than 50 percent of users who connected with their matches on the app actually met in person within two weeks.

“With the new UI change were able to increase the number of actual dates made by a threefold now that users can send each other Dine requests more comfortably.”

To download Dine and find out more about Let’s Catch Pokemon, please click here.