Dinky One Launches New Feature

Dinky One, a dating site that looks to connect those with a smaller penis to those who prefer one, has launched a new feature. 

Users of the site will now have a range of options to specify their own penis size on their profiles. The platform lists out options from half an inch to 5.5 inches, with an ability for larger men to state that they’re on the platform to admire others.

Dinky One shared that for trans people, who may or may not have a penis, they will have the option to select the ‘no penis’ option, which will remove all reference to size from their profile.

The platform shares that “the new sizing feature does not include a girth measurement as there should always be an element of surprise when it comes to aspect ratio”.

The niche dating site celebrates its 3 year anniversary on the 10th of March. In the past year it has seen over 2 million messages exchanged and has an active userbase of 165,000. Over 58,000 users are from the United States, with over 25,000 from the United Kingdom.