Ditto: Video-Based Efficient Dating

Ditto, a new video-first dating app, is looking to make the online dating experience more efficient for singles.  It explains why video-based platforms are the future of online dating, and how it works with third-party organisations to deliver community-focused events.

The platform highlights 3 key reasons why video-based dating is full of potential.

Firstly, video calls can lead to greater time-efficiency. Current swiping-style platforms tend to lead to lots of swiping and messaging, without real dates. This cycle takes up 10 hours of every week for the average millennial New Yorker, with over 1,100 swipes needed to get a date, it reports.

But with video, users can meet the real person behind the profile immediately. This allows users to find authentic matches quickly, it shares.

Secondly, these video calls are much closer to a real date than messaging, meaning more accurate expectations for singles when meeting in real life.

Thirdly, there are safety benefits to video-based platforms. The ability for anyone to upload photos and text to a profile means singles don’t truly know who they’re talking to, a potential factor in the rising number of sexual assault and harassment cases that originate from dating apps, it highlights.

On the matter of safety, Ditto also shares that it has adopted a number of verification processes to ensure profiles are authentic. It also uses machine learning for content moderation, which can detect nudity, hate symbols and inappropriate content in video calls and block the feed immediately.

As a business, one avenue Ditto can get revenue from is its virtual events. It allows third party organisations such as alumni organisations, co-working spaces, or matchmakers to host video speed dating events on its platform. 

Organisations simply submit the details, ticket prices, and marketing materials and Ditto hosts the event. The revenue generated by these events are then shared between Ditto and the third party organisations. 

Ditto’s New York City waitlist is currently open for registrations.