DNA Romance Appoints Chief Sexologist

DNA Romance, the DNA-based matchmaking service, has appointed Dr Martha Tara Lee as its new Chief Sexologist and Partner/Co-Founder. Dr Lee will now oversee public relations, partnerships development, media publicity, as well as supporting new feature development.

Dr Lee has a Doctorate in Human Sexuality and a Masters in Counselling, having written four books about relationships and dating. She currently runs Eros Coaching, a relationship and sexuality counselling service based in Singapore.

DNA Romance writes that “Dr. Lee brings a passion for helping people find and maintain meaningful connections. She has been actively using DNA Romance’s technology, already undergoing DNA testing and using the DNA Romance App herself, giving her a positive outlook on the future of this unique approach to online dating.”

“I am honoured to join the DNA Romance team as Co-Founder and Chief Sexologist,” said Dr. Lee.

“I believe that analysing users’ genetic makeup can offer a deeper level of compatibility, leading to more successful and long-lasting relationships. This approach is appealing to users who are looking for something different, a more personalised experience, and tailored matches”, she added.

“We are excited to have Dr. Lee on board as Co-Founder and Chief Sexologist,” said Dr. Timothy Sexton, the founder of DNA Romance. 

“Her expertise in sexology, passion for life, and perspective on human relationships make her a valuable addition to our core team. I look forward to working with Dr. Lee to help our users find meaningful connections, as well as provide guidance on relationship compatibility between established partners”, he continued.

Dr Martha Tara Lee will be speaking at GDI’s upcoming conference in Singapore on the 3rd and 4th of July 2023. Click here to collect your tickets.

You can find out more about DNA Romance at its website here.

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