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Power Book 2018

On Valentine’s Day last month, Global Dating Insights presented the 2018 edition of the GDI Power Book in association with ExoClick.

The Power Book definitively lists the influencers, start-ups and movers that have shaped the online dating industry over the course of the year.

This fourth celebration features a host of niche brands and innovators alongside the big names, and pays special attention to those dating executives who have moved with the times and operated at the technological frontier.

“Since last Valentine’s Day, the online dating world has seen some tectonic movement”, says GDI Founder Simon Corbett.

“There are newly formed, publicly listed, transnational groups to watch, exciting developments in the white label space, and disruptive technologies pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

“The dedication of these talented people continues to transform the lives of singles around the world, forging new connections and bringing millions of couples together.”

ExoClick COO Adrien Fonze, sponsor of this year’s Power Book, comments: “Online dating is a crowded and rapidly changing industry. We saw some real jostling for position in and around the new year.

“Companies are having to strategize carefully and effectively to succeed in one of the world’s most competitive entrepreneurial landscapes. The individuals highlighted in the Power Book are undoubtedly some of the most capable in tech.”

Among the executives featured this year are Grindr’s Peter Sloterdyk, for his work diversifying the brand with INTO Magazine, Tinder’s Brian Norgard, for the introduction of Tinder Gold, and Single Muslim’s Adeem Younis, for crossing major landmarks in numbers of downloads.

Congratulations to all of the professionals who made the cut.

Download the Power Book here:

Power Book Mini

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